Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is GDKN mainly involved in?

Q2. How is GDKN different?

Q3. How long have you been in business?

Q4. How does GDKN Ensure Confidentiality?

Q5. Does GDKN sponsor work Visas etc. ?

Q6. What is GDKN's industry focus?

Q7. What about employee Centrification?

Q8. What is GDKN's service territory?

Q9. Why have companies outsourced projects to you?

Q10. What's the minimum size of projects you undertake?

Q11. How do you ensure quality?

Q12. How do you start a project?

Q13. How do we keep abreast of the progress of the project?

Q14. How do you implement the software?

Q15. Do you provide post-implementation Support?

Q16. We are planning a product, can we co-develop with you?

Q17. Can you set up an exclusive development team for us in India?

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