Requirement Detail
Job Title Assembler I
Job Code 118839
Date Posted 12/28/2011
Number Of Positions Available 15
Location Lubbock, TX USA
Pay Rate $10.18/Hour
Job Description Responsibilities:

1. Checks to see that all parts are available per work order specifications.
2. Assembles parts according to drawings or work instructions.
3. Maintains required records, i.e. serial number logs, production counts, scrap records, etc.
4. Applies proper labels.
5. Performs necessary testing on required parts.
6. Maintain required records.
7. Uses hand tools, power screw drivers, loc tite and an assortment of lubricants.
8. Most items are light, but occasionally is required to move boxes of supplies up to 50#.
9. Packages completed units.
10. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor
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