Requirement Detail
Job Title Business Analyst
Job Code 120948
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 207
Date Posted 05/04/2012
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Tallahassee, FL USA
Pay Rate $52.00/Hour
Job Description Job Description:

• The Business Analyst will work with the Bureau of EMS to conduct business process analysis, requirements gathering, document business process requirements and develop the business case for the automation. Work products may be used to prepare subsequent procurement documentation. Work will be conducted as a part of a project team including the program manager and any other project stakeholders and individual contributors that may be identified.

Required (The applicant must possess the following in order to be considered):

o 3+ years demonstrated experience with group facilitation and Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions for business and systems analysis
o 3+ years demonstrated experience with business process mapping
o 3+ years demonstrated experience with analyzing user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate processing and design software solutions
o At least three projects where applicant developed business cases
o At least 2 years of demonstrated experience with object-oriented analysis and design including proficiency in the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
o At least 2 years of demonstrated experience with the development of System Use Cases
o Specifications following standard RUP methodology
o At least 2 years of demonstrated experience with the Rational Enterprise Suite of Tools including Rational Rose and Rational Requisite Pro or equivalent
o Excellent organizational skills; must possess the ability to analyze, break down, segregate, and prioritize information, work, etc.
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills; must possess the ability to communicate effectively with technical staff, end users, and management staff

Section IV - Education/Experience:

Desired (preference will be shown to candidates who possess):

o A bachelors degree (or higher) in Computer Science or Software Engineering
o 2+ years of demonstrated experience with data modeling / database design / database administration for MS SQL Server applications
o 2+ years of demonstrated hands-on development experience with the programming of web-based or client-server applications
o Previous or current experience with Health information systems

Section V – Tasks:

Daily work will include, but may not be limited to, the following:

o The Business Analyst reports to the Program Manager
o Utilizes RUP principles, guidelines, and methodologies to analyze and document the business goals and the business and system requirements
o Leads JAD sessions to gather and document business and system requirements
o Creates visual models of business process flows using Visio or other requirements documentation tools, ex. Rational Requisite Pro™ tool
o Determine re-engineered, ideal business processes, as is and to be process models
o Creates visual models using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) contained in the Rational Rose™ tool or like tool
o Works closely with the subject matter experts and end users to develop and translate requirements specifications, analysis models, and design models as appropriate for each specific component of the overall system
o Works with project stakeholders to develop use case models and specifications
o Works with the project team to create system use case diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, and logical data models for the purpose of system analysis and design as assigned
o Works with the project team and Program Manager to assist in the development of implementation strategies and iteration plans
o Provides weekly status reports and other information requests as required to project stakeholders and the Program Manager
o Conforms to Department standards
o Participates in peer and architecture reviews with staff from Division of Information Technology


Deliverables include:

Note: All key deliverables are presented to the Program Manager for review, approval.

o Assigned Project Task work – exemplified below:

 Project documents required by the Program Manager and/or Bureau lead/owner/sponsor including recommended drafts of scope statements, requirement specifications, business case for solution design, draft design models, estimated level of efforts, for any assigned project priority tasks.
 Schedule – outline of activities to complete requirements and business case development
 Project documents, presentations, etc. for communication to the stakeholders or other executive leadership as requested by the lead / owner / sponsor.
 Joint Application Development Meeting Facilitation – (requirements gathering meeting) - agenda creation, scheduling, documentation of decisions made at meetings, issues and action items. Identify specific meetings.
o Weekly Status reports detailing accomplishments, issues and tasks in progress or as requested by the lead / owner / sponsor
o Monthly timesheets of hours worked
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