Requirement Detail
Job Title Laboratory Assistant
Job Code 122391
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 242
Date Posted 08/07/2012
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Raritan, NJ USA
Pay Rate
Job Description

• Performs all paperwork, technical, and non-technical procedures required to process and submit specimens.
• Assigns specific computer generated identification numbers, checks for accuracy, and records all items processed.
• Forwards accessioned specimens to designated laboratory location(s); and locating and correcting any discrepancies.
• Learns and keeps familiar with lab procedures and location of stored specimens.
• Locates specimens and pulls from various departments as requested.

Skill Requirements:

• Administrative: Answer telephones, maintain logs/records, organizational skills, proficiency with numbers, research information, use computerized databases, written and verbal communications.
Machine: Personal computer.

Physical Demands:

• Speech clarity, utilization of fingers and hands, standing-remaining on one’s feet in an upright position, sitting-remaining in the normal seated position, handling-seizing, holding, grasping.
• Moderate physical effort (up to 30 pounds); must comply with applicable safety procedures.
Additional job duty (as assigned):-
• (Hazardous Chemical Waste Management) Proper identification of known hazardous material in the work place.
• The knowledge of personal protection measures.
• The avoidance of accidents.
• The knowledge of hazardous waste characteristics, hazardous waste volume generation limits, accumulation limits, spill control measures, record keeping, proper handling and container management, labeling, container and storage inspection.

Working Conditions:

• Possible exposure to infection from disease-bearing specimens;
• regularly exposed to the risk of blood-borne diseases;
• Must comply with applicable safety procedures.
• Far acuity-ability to see clearly at 20 feet or more;
• near acuity-ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less;
• depth perception-ability to judge distance and space relationships;
• Color vision-ability to distinguish and identify different colors.
• Normally requires a High School Diploma or equivalent w/1-3 years of experience.

Performs Forensic & Clinical specimen clerking functions.
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