Requirement Detail
Job Title Machine Operator I - Utility Finisher I
Job Code 122533
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 209
Date Posted 08/17/2012
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location Marinette, WI USA
Pay Rate $10.73/Hour
Job Description
Job Description Title:
Machine Operator I - Utility Finisher ATSM

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Test nitrogen cylinders and label according to the blueprints
2. Hydrotest proportions up to 250 PSI and hoses up to 400 PSI
3. Cleans Bladder tanks by vacuuming out debris, blast shot or other foreign materials to prep for paint.
4. Leak tests nitrogen cylinders using high pressure in excess of 2000 PSI and seals cylinders for painting and blasting. Rolls cylinders with pressure up to 2000 PSI in and out of booth for painting.
5. Preps all wheeled units from blast. Once painted teardown and bolt to pallets.
6. Loads and unloads wheels for painting
7. Rolls freshly painted cylinders into rows to dry.
8. Load and unload tanks and cylinders with hoists for painters.
9. Loads all parts from blaster or wheelabrator.
10. Preps all parts for paint by either cleaning with solvents or sanding
11. Operates a forklift to maneuver tanks in preparation for shipment or returning to the paint booth for touch up.
12. Operates forklift to maneuver freshly painted tanks and parts from paint to oven and from oven to tear down area.
13. Fills solvent cans and assists painters with getting paint and also tearing down old paint filters to replace them.
14. Monitors parts going into and out of oven. Also loads the oven for the painters.
15. Prints tickets and scans all parts for the painters.
16. Removes all shot blast from parts via air hose, rubber mallet, or bang on floor.
17. Loads and unloads transfer trucks.
18. Caps and tapes off cylinders for blasting.
19. Performs housekeeping and other duties as assigned by Supervisor
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