Requirement Detail
Job Title Assembler
Job Code 122930
Date Posted 09/12/2012
Number Of Positions Available 13
Location Harlingen, TX USA
Pay Rate $9.61/Hour
Job Description

• Some ability to read and interpret work orders, blueprints, and/or assimilate verbal work instructions after training.
• Ability to recognize, set up and effectively use pressure gauges and other general measuring instruments.
• Flexibility with regard to job assignments.
• Ability to comprehend and utilize ISO manufacturing procedures.
• Ability to perform basic computer operation and mathematical computation.
• Applies and develops basic skills in procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment in appropriate area of specialization.


• Under general supervision, will perform simple routime and repetitive tasks to fit parts together to form complete valve units or subassemblies either at a bench or on the floor. Inspects parts to assure they are clean and free of contaminants.
• Reviews and verifies work/sales order to customer requirements.
• Assembles components to applicable procedures using lubricants, power tools, torques wrenches, specialty tools, etc.
• Seals and wires valves.
• Creates and attaches nameplates.
• Complies with all safety and quality policies, specifications, regulations and instructions.
• Protects all required surfaces before sending valves to final inspection.
• Utilizes and abides by ISO and Safety Procedures.

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