Requirement Detail
Job Title Trainer/Transition Facilitator
Job Code 122956
Date Posted 09/13/2012
Number Of Positions Available 9
Location Tallahassee, FL USA
Pay Rate $10.50/Hour
Job Description Job Description:

Facilitators teach the 100-Hour Transition Training Program in accordance with the Department’s approved curriculum. The duties of the Facilitators include, but are not limited to, the following:

65% Conduct 100-Hour Transition/Re-Entry Training Program classes identified as appropriate and eligible for the program.

20% Ensure that all services are documented on the Daily Attendance Roster and maintain all attendance rosters on-site.

10% Administer Pre and Post Test(s) for each inmate enrolled in the 100-Hour Transition Training Program. Copies of all test results shall be maintained on-site and forwarded to Bureau of Re-Entry Programs and Education.

5% Request necessary equipment, supplies, and curriculum.

Transition Facilitator Position Qualifications

1. A high school diploma or GED; and

2. One year of instructional and/or facilitator experience; or

3. One year of experience working in a social services field; or

4. Experience working with adult students, inmates and/or probationers.


• Candidates will be working behind prison walls with inmates in these prisons.
• They will be searched entering and leaving the facility each day.
• Candidates will be required to wear body armour for safety purposes.
• There will always be an officer with the candidates at all times.
• For the full time locations, candidates will have an eight hour day – 6 hours working with inmates with two hours of prep time.
• For the part-time locations, candidates will work 4 hours each day.
• Candidates need to be flexible as the shift could be in the morning or afternoon.
• The hours of work is dependent on the correctional facility.

Job Locations:-

County - Zip Code

• Hamilton-32052-1360
• Sumter-33513-0667
• Dixie-32628
• Marion-32693
• Hernando-34604-8167
• Volusia-32124-1098
• Orange-...........
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