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Production Assurance Specialist – Gearbox Engineer

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Story City, IA USA

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Production Assurance Specialist – Gearbox Engineer

• Technical and manufacturing support of gearbox rebuilding
• Key activities shown below.
• Some site travel.
• Other support as additional product lines are established.
• Must be able to lead teams, knowledgeable of manufacturing principles and design of gearbox's and achieve continuous improvement thru the use of Quality Improvement.
• Duties include identifying part that failed and required removal of gearbox and documenting findings to aid in future failures and updating the tracking database.
• Provide technical support to technicians, Fleet Team and Repair Manager.
• Understand the operation of the Test Stand and work with technicians to develop best practices and develop database to track and identify trends.
• Develop traveler for each gearbox technology and ensure documents are current.
• Perform internal audits of work processes and practices as defined in the quality system and monitor and track results providing feedback to site management.
• Bachelor's Degree in related field or 2-5 years relevant duties experience and relevant supervisory experience required, if applicable.

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