Requirement Detail
Job Title Web Service SW Tester
Job Code 123647
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 203
Date Posted 10/26/2012
Number Of Positions Available 2
Pay Rate
Job Description • The contractors will be asked to work with an agile team of developers who are responsible for designing and implementing a cloud based dvr scheduler service.
• The contractor will be responsible for developing and following a testing strategy.
• The contractor will be responsible for development tasks centered around web service development and scaling the solution to support a large number of users.

Technical Requirements:
• Core java, JUnit, Maven, REST web services , Spring, Eclipse, SVN,
• Familiarity with industry-standard testing tools such as Selenium, JProfiler etc
• Experience developing automated REST-based testing systems
• Experience developing white-box and black-box testing systems
• Experience developing test systems to validate scalability and high-availability requirements.
• Familiarity with SQL, eclipse, svn etc and Linux proficiency.

• XML, JSON, Tomcat, memcached/membase , Hibernate, JS

• JMeter, Linux Scripting skills, Maven, PostgreSQL, JUnit, NoSQL (MongoDB)
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