Requirement Detail
Job Title Assembler II - Pyrochem Cylinders
Job Code 124240
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 207
Date Posted 12/05/2012
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Marinette, WI USA
Pay Rate $10.66/Hour
Job Description Assembler II - Pyrochem Cylinders

1. Receives production orders from the PyroChem Machinist along with the assembled valves and siphon tubes. Checks to see that all parts are available as per work order specifications. Receives parts/supplies from KanBan System, crib, or storage areas.
2. Following the correct revision of the production orders, fills and valves cylinders ranging in weight from 5 to 200 pounds on semiautomatic and manual machines. Cylinders are weighed on an electronic scale and check weighed on a second electronic scale. Fill weight tolerances may be as close as +.5 lbs., -0 lbs.
3. The associate must be familiar with the filling procedures of approximately twenty (20) different cylinders. Fills cylinder with agent, i.e. dry, liquid, or gas. Operates and sets up fill machine with dry powdered chemical or PC wet totes, electronic scale, and overhead hoist. When valving cylinder, a silicone lubricant/sealant must be used. When replacing defective gauges, a Teflon tape must be used around the threads of the gauge. Must have knowledge and skill to operate various power tools (hand drills, pneumatic stapler, foot stapler, overhead hoist, etc.) and hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, utility knives, saw, dead blow hammers, vacuum cleaner, etc.)
4. Pressurizes cylinders with dry nitrogen to a maximum of 450 P.S.I. Operates and sets up nitrogen banks for pressurizing.
5. Applies proper labels with and or without serial numbers at specified locations on cylinders.
6. Tests product for leaks by submerging in waterbath for half and hour. Repairs valve/gauge leakers. Responsible for emptying PC wet cylinders and discharging powdered dry chemical to accomplish the repairs.

7. Packages product for shipment with correct owner’s manuals, recoil preventer plugs, black caps, support tubes, wet valve adapters, quick release clamps, and brackets as required per production order. Assembles cartons with proper labels per production order and attaches any special information needed. Completes necessary documentation, production records, etc.
8. Associate is responsible for emptying powdered dry chemical out of the three (3) different collection bins into a large lined bin for disposal, with the help of two (2) other associates and the forklift driver.
9. Maintains required records, i.e. serial number logs, scrap records, production counts.
10. Associates are responsible for keeping the work area clean and orderly.
11. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Supervisor.
12. Close attention is required in pre-assembly inspection, pressurizing, filling, and testing for leaks, labeling, and packaging. Multiple styles of labels, cartons, manuals, release clamps, and filling agents are used. Care and attention is required when lifting with overhead hoists
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