Requirement Detail
Job Title Project Coordinator
Job Code 124292
Date Posted 12/07/2012
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Seattle, WA USA
Pay Rate $35.00/Hour
Job Description
• The Project Coordinator is responsible for maintaining daily accuracy for milestone forecast and actuals along with documentation management for all activities.
• The Project Coordinator is a supporting function to the Project Manager and the Key interface for the Project Manager to back office functions such as Earned Value Manager/C&P Engineer and IPM Specialist.
• Support the project planning process for all project management disciplines during initial project setup and during consequent execution
• Support the Project Manager implementing standard NI project management practices
• Facilitate project scheduling and forecasting process
• Key interface for Project Manager to Earned Value Manager / C&P Engineer and IPM Specialist
• Information Channel for Logistic and Finance & Control departments with information related to forecast vs. actual events
• Monitor, collect and update relevant information to the rollout activities
• Report, review and control progress to assure commitments are achieved
• Control IPM data consistency
• Documentation mgmt
• Support Risk Management process
• Support the PM in Demand Planning, Cost and Sale Forecasting and Periodic Reporting
• Support documentation lessons learned at project closure

Required Competencies and Skills:
IPM Data Management:

•Work Package Call-Off (including Change Requests)
•Forecast Date (including Change Requests)
•Supplier Purchase Order Trigger (including Change Requests)
•Actual Date (including Change Requests)
•Site Folder Documentation Upload including Acceptance Documentation (including Change Requests)
•Internal Acceptance for Supplier Payment Trigger (including Change Requests)
•Customer Acceptance for Customer Invoice Trigger (including Change Requests)
•client initiated Change Request creation (includes all required fields and documentation uploads)
•Change Request Internal Authorization
•Change Request Customer Authorization
•IPM Progress Report and CR Log generation and distribution

Process Gap Analysis:

•Identify missing forecast & actual dates (work back with PM)
•Identify missing acceptances (work back with PM)
•Track Supplier Purchase Order creations through to Supplier Purchase Order Receipt (work back with Logistics)
•Track Internal Acceptance through to Goods Receipt posting (work back with Logistics)
•Track Customer Acceptance through to Billing Block Release posting (work back with Logistics)
•Identify missing site folder documentation (work back with PM / Supplier)
•Identify missing Change Request authorizations and documentation (work back with PM / Supplier)
•Identify missing CR supporting documentation (work back with Suppliers for missing quotes)
•Identify missing RO / Quote / CPO coverage for Sellable CR’s (work back with Project Team and SSM)

Education & Experience or Other Requirements: Proficient in the following applications / tools

• Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Access
• IPM: Progress Tracking (mass update), Documentation, Reporting, Customer Relations


Quality modules
•ShareNet (SBM Suite)
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