Requirement Detail
Job Title Nuclear - Electrical Planner
Job Code 124853
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 219
Date Posted 01/16/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Seneca, SC USA
Pay Rate $43.00/Hour
Job Description Mentors will be assigned to the selected individuals for guidance in completing the requirements of the Major Projects Planner Position Specific Guide.

Duties and responsibilities associated with this position include:

• Plan Work Orders in Nuclear Asset Suite for project implementation.
• Order needed material, tools and equipment as Work Orders are planned.
• Participate as a member of the assigned project team to develop and support the overall project implementation plan and schedule.
• Provide superior customer support to project management, implementation teams and support groups.
• Provide weekly schedule activity updates.
• Manage multiple work assignments, and complete all work assignments on schedule.
• Support project implementation before and during refueling outages.
• Complete the requirements of the Major Projects Planner Position Specific Guide within six months.

Work Schedule:

• Overtime and shift work are required to support project implementation during refueling outages and are required to support critical equipment testing or system start-up.

Required Qualifications:

• Nuclear Power Plant Unescorted Access.
• Experience performing electrical field work at a Nuclear Power Plant.
• Experience in developing/planning Work Orders for Nuclear Power Plant electrical maintenance or electrical modifications.
• Demonstrated Computer Skills.
• Working knowledge of nuclear station systems, processes and procedures.
• Ability to read and interpret electrical connection diagrams, circuit diagrams, equipment layout drawings and test procedures.
• Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to nuclear safety, radiological safety, industrial safety and personal safety.
• Exemplary work ethic and high ethical standards


Desired Qualifications:

• Significant Nuclear Power plant work experience.
• Experience performing electrical field work as an electrical maintenance technician or I&E technician at client Nuclear Station.
• Experience in developing/planning Work Orders for electrical maintenance or electrical modifications at client Nuclear Station using NAS.
• Familiarity with Computer applications such as NEDL, ST-II, DEDB, etc.
• Experience in using and commitment to compliance with applicable, Work Process Manual, Site Directives, Maintenance Directives, Nuclear System Directives, Nuclear Safe Work Practice Manual, etc.
• Familiarity with, and ability to read and interpret client Nuclear Station Layout drawings, One-Line Drawings and Electrical Connection Diagrams.
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