Requirement Detail
Job Title Android Developer
Job Code 124946
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 222
Date Posted 01/23/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Pay Rate
Job Description • Intermediate-senior level Android developer for the Televation project.
• The candidate should have good knowledge of the Android development environment, Android SDK, and Java.
• Experience with creating an Android app and/or library is required.
• Experience working with large multi-disciplinary teams from software, hardware, firmware, and QA is required.
• Experience with multiple Android OSes from Froyo to Ice Cream Sandwich is required.
• Experience in network and wireless APIs is required.
• Experience with development on multiple Android phones and tablets from different manufacturers is a plus.
• Experience with development of a commercial Android product or a product in the Android Play store is helpful.
• Experience with software video products, video-on-demand, or video streaming is helpful.
• The candidate will help to develop, enhance, and fix bugs in an existing commercial video product on Android phones and tablets.
• The product is released or in trials at major MSOs in the US.
• The candidate will work with software, hardware, firmware, and QA teams.
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