Requirement Detail
Job Title Business Systems Analyst – PolicyCenter Integration Team
Job Code 124998
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 224
Date Posted 01/25/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Tallahassee, FL USA
Pay Rate $60.00/Hour
Job Description • This Business Systems Analyst (BSA) position will be a full-time member of the cross-functional Integration team for Core providing support to Guidewire PolicyCenter integrations as well as Guidewire Suite integrations.
• As a member of the cross-functional Integration team, the BSA will collaborate with developers and testers to iteratively, incrementally discover, develop, and deliver valuable, working software each sprint.
• The BSA will also collaborate regularly with multiple teams across the Core program including but not limited to Guidewire Configuration teams, Document Management Teams, and System Integration Tool teams in order to meet the team's goals each sprint.
• The BSA should be skilled in leading requirements and design workshops, discovering, analyzing, and documenting business and technical requirements, defining user stories and acceptance criteria, triaging technical issues and defects, and communicating with business and technical stakeholders across the program.

• Creates documentation related to business processes, functional requirements and workflows; creating technical diagrams, artifacts, mockups, etc., to accompany business requirements documents.
• Works with BA’s documenting customer requirements clearly using Word, Visio diagrams, flowcharts, use-cases and swim lane diagrams or other established tools and techniques.
• Works with programmers developing UML diagrams, prototypes and pseudo code from customer requirement documentation.
• Manages and tracks changes to system requirements throughout the development, testing and maintenance lifecycle, maintaining accurate documentation at all times.
• Assist Quality Assurance team in developing and executing test plan and scripts
• Analyze manual processes and translates into automated processes, identifying necessary triggers and dependent events.
• Updates Rally on a daily basis and Daptiv on a weekly basis.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Experience documenting business requirements (process maps, use cases, etc.);
• Comfort with technology; Ability to think analytically about complex problems;
• Ability to do research and reach out to SMEs when necessary ; Strong communication skills

Required Education:
• Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems (MIS), or Information Systems (IS) or alternative 4 year degree plus equivalent, relevant experience

Preferred Education:
• Masters degree or higher in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems (MIS), or Information Systems (IS)

Physical Requirements:
• This position requires the ability to sit for long periods, hear and converse over the telephone, and key frequently on a computer (4 or more hours per day).
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