Requirement Detail
Job Title ORION Project Analyst
Job Code 125130
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 203
Date Posted 02/01/2013
Number Of Positions Available 8
Location Indianapolis, IN USA
Pay Rate $18.85/Hour
Job Description ***************"The ORION (On Road Integrated Optimized and Navigation)******************
• Project Analyst will be working with a team responsible for mapping delivery routes for maximum optimization.
• The contingent worker will use computer applications that will access and plot delivery information. The team will validate and edit the information by completing verification rides in a rental car with other team members verifying the mapping data and information is accurate. After the information is verified to be accurate the contingent worker will be riding with a delivery driver throughout their day to verify that the optimization algorithms and map data is accurate.
• Must demonstrate basic knowledge of database design principles; identify users’ requirements and needs. -Will receive and prioritize requests for new data reports to serve customer needs based on urgency and importance.
• Will Organize and present his or her perspective in a logical manner; demonstrate proper grammar and word use in verbal and written communication. Must have effective project and schedule management skills.
• Must be able to travel.
 Responsibilities include:
1. Use of proprietary mapping and optimization software to validate geographical information in various applications
2. Analyzing the validity of software output
3. Physical verification of map data and other output via observation while riding (with other team members ) in a rented rental car.
a. Use of a electronic tablet PC during the observation
4. Driving only a rented rental car while another team member is physically verifying map data and other output. Analyst shall not use a personal vehicle or a vehicle provided by a party.
5. Maintain project schedule timeline
a.Prepares project timelines and communicates to requester to set expectations
6. Ride on car full day
a . 8.0 to 10 hours on-car, excluding travel to and from facility
b. Demanding physical nature due to entering and exiting vehicle frequently throughout the workday
c. Will carry and document observations in electronic tablet PC while riding
d. Inclement weather conditions (warehouse environment and outdoors)
7. Must meet Appearance standards as documented in on-boarding documents
8. Learn DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device- electronic clipboard used by drivers) application.
9. Demonstrates basic knowledge of database design principles; identifies users’ requirements and needs with guidance from others; demonstrates a basic understanding of the importance of maintaining and updating databases
10. Receives and prioritizes requests for new data reports to serve customer needs based on urgency and importance
11. Organizes and presents his or her perspective in a logical manner; expresses ideas clearly; demonstrates proper grammar and word use in verbal and written communication; listens to others’ concerns or questions; presents ideas in routine or non-complex situations with confidence using decisive language, tone, and demeanor
12. Effective project and schedule management; time management Requirements
1. Engineering or Business degree preferred
2. Analytical skills
3. MS office skills
4. Organizational skills
5. Flexible hours
6. Professional and effective communication skills
7. State / territory issued driver’s license
8. 21 years of age or older
9. Ability to travel 5 days per week (including overnight stays) Physically capable of entering and exiting a package car quickly and safely throughout the workday without interfering with the drivers methods
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