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ORION Project Analyst

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954-985-6650 - Ext 222

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Lenexa, KS USA

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Job Description

• "The ORION (On Road Integrated Optimized and Navigation) Project Analyst will be working with a team responsible for mapping delivery routes for maximum optimization.
• The contingent worker will use computer applications that will access and plot delivery information.
• The team will validate and edit the information by completing verification rides in a rental car with other team members verifying the mapping data and information is accurate.
• After the information is verified to be accurate the contingent worker will be riding with a delivery driver throughout their day to verify that the optimization algorithms and map data is accurate.
• Must demonstrate basic knowledge of database design principles; identify users’ requirements and needs.
• Will receive and prioritize requests for new data reports to serve customer needs based on urgency and importance.
• Will Organize and present his or her perspective in a logical manner; demonstrate proper grammar and word use in verbal and written communication.
• Must have effective project and schedule management skills. "

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