Requirement Detail
Job Title Expeditor/Logistics Support - Intermediate
Job Code 125309
Date Posted 02/14/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Denver, CO USA
Pay Rate $19.50/Hour
Job Description Requirements:
• Previous logistic experience
• Familiar with oracle based logistic platforms
• Comfortable with shift work (10 on X 5 off,12 hr shifts, alternating night and day)
• Strong communication skills.

Job Summary:
• Coordinates all movements of people, materials and equipment to and from wellsite when transported by 3rd party trucking providers or drivers.

Key Behavioral Factors:
• Adaptability, Strong Communication Skills (Verbal & Written), Organizational Effectiveness, Proven Leadership Ability, and Proven Team work Skills, Demonstrated Initiative and ability to multi-task and set job priorities.

• Works closely with other team members to execute all movements including mobilizations/demobilizations
• Ensures all executed movements are tracked to completion and communicated to involved parties
• Ensures field and requestor of movement are clearly aware of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of all movements
• Creates documentation for payment by entering all requirements per client’s standard for all movements executed with 3rd party trucking providers.
• Obtains permits per client’s standards and State requirements
• Receives and execute instructions from Maintenance Department for down equipment moves or equipment moves between repair facilities (client’s repair facilities or 3rd party)
• Receives and execute instructions for chemical load outs between the field, Bulk Plants and other client’s personnel .
• Tracks (if necessary) floats and other frequently moved equipment
• Updates documents with all relevant equipment movements and assignments
• Reports all logistics issues to Logistics Crew Lead
• Communicates with Field personnel to understand wellsite conditions, requirements and impact on equipment movements
• Sets up crew vans and setup yard times
• Obtains fuel requirements for all jobs and coordinate fuel ordering and delivery from suppliers
• Works closely with District Dispatch to ensure drivers obtain required documentation and clear guidance on trip requirements
• Works closely with maintenance to ensure that post trip paper work is filed according to required regulatory standards.
• All other duties assigned by Supervisor
• Reports to: Logistics Crew Leader

Education & Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• 2-5 years’ experience in Logistics/Dispatch, preferred
• Computer knowledge: MS Excel, Outlook (email), Exel/CAS BOLs
• Proven ability to build strong relationships with field crews and trucking companies
• + SAP experience.
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