Requirement Detail
Job Title Instrumentation And Control Design Engineer
Job Code 125325
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 203
Date Posted 02/14/2013
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location Hartsville, SC USA
Pay Rate
Job Description
• Need of 2 Senior level Electrical Engineers with ten or more years experience working as an I&C design engineer.
• At least 5 years design engineering experience at an operating commercial nuclear facility preparing plant modifications, calculations, and associated documents.
• Specific experience associated with design of relay and digital control logic systems is required.
• Experience with medium voltage and low voltage plant power distribution systems are desirable.
• The individual in this position will provide review and oversight of Architect Engineering (AE) design activities associated with performing modifications to the clients Nuclear Plant.
• In addition, the individual is expected to prepare plant modifications, calculations, and associated documents as a result of implementing modifications.
• This position may require travel back and forth to AE offices, suppliers, and others to participate in reviews, meetings, etc.
• As a member of the clients Nuclear Plant Major Projects Design Group, this individual is expected to qualify as a Responsible I&C Design Engineer for the purposes of preparing modifications and associated documents in accordance with applicable station procedures and requirements.

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