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CRM Data Quality Support Specialist

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Houston, TX USA

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The CRM Data Quality Support Specialist is responsible for maintaining the quality of data in the current Siebel CRM environment.
Reports to: CRM Business Manager
Essential Responsibilities and Duties:-
- Performs data validation tasks to ensure data integrity.
- Performs data queries and analysis tasks as required.
- Performs quality control tasks for well and seismic data.
- Follows efficient data management processes and workflows with limited supervision.
- Carries out data reformatting and transcription tasks.
- Migrates or archives data, legacy or third party systems as required.
- Assists in the operation and maintenance of data repositories.
- Understands and utilizes the correct problem escalation procedures.
- Adheres to all standards of confidentiality and security.
- Maintains accurate status records for ongoing projects.
- Informs immediate supervisor at all times on problems, requirements and special issues
Previous Experience and Competencies:
- Two or three year post-secondary diploma or certificate in computer science or IT related discipline, or equivalent .
- Very strong computer literacy and aptitude. Readiness for multidiscipline training.
- Depending on the job level, some field / technology experiences will be required
- Analytically minded with an attention to detail.
- Able to work independently or as part of a team.
- Effectively analyzes and solve problems, with an attention to root cause.
- Fosters and maintains good internal and third party relationships.
- Adaptable and willing to learn new technologies.
- Able to work under pressure.
- Good oral and written communication skills.
- Practices effective listening techniques.

* What would be the ideal candidate for your position (skills, traits, background, certifications, etc):
Skills – computer literacy is a must.
Well organized individual.
An administrator would be a suitable profile.
Female preferable.
Someone who is quick to learn and can adapt well to what is needed.

Educational Requirements:-
Computer / business degree preferable

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