Requirement Detail
Job Title Nuclear - Electrical Engineer
Job Code 125405
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 224
Date Posted 02/21/2013
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location Huntersville, NC USA
Pay Rate $70.00/Hour
Job Description • Power Systems Engineer.
• Engineering Lead/Support on the Main Generator replacement project.

Specific accountabilities include:

• Have design package/project experience which includes - calculations, 50.59, design inputs coordination, red marked drawings, etc.
• Required to have experience in designing electrical control circuits, performing load drop evaluations/calculations, sizing motor control & load center components, & associated breaker coordination.
• Provide MP design solutions to resolve plant operational challenges & equipment obsolescence issues.
• Ensure coordination of design inputs from the plant systems & component engineering orgs, operational & maintenance considerations to facilitate optimal design solutions.
• Provide expertise to recognize & resolve complex engineering/technical problems & also recognize when additional expertise or technical experience is required.
• Appropriate engineering rigor is applied to designs such that applicable code & regulatory requirements are met.Perform the necessary task to be qualified to the ETQS activities for Engs in MP under the accredited population.


• BS in electrical or computer engineering from accredited university, & 8 years or more of exp in an operating nuclear station.
• Multiple orgs to achieve desired objectives, using the appropriate department & site processes/programs & negotiation skills.
• Leadership skills.
• Meet commitments while managing multiple objectives & projects.
• Perform in stressful situations, readily adapt to & accept changes in work schedule, priorities, & job expectations.
• Exp designing or operating &/or supporting electrical/I&C systems or components.
• Previous plant modifications.


• PE in SC or NC &/or Licensed SRO.
• Previous Energy Generation project experience.
• Received Plant systems training at a Energy nuclear site.
• Previous qualification for Engineering Change packages at Energy nuclear site.
• Previous qualification as Test Coordinator @ Energy nuclear site.


• Translate broad site objectives to specific job functions (nuclear/personnel safety, human performance, etc.) to improve overall team performance.
• Leadership, initiate &/or facilitate change & implement improved
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