Requirement Detail
Job Title Procurement Specialist
Job Code 125426
Date Posted 02/25/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Midland, TX USA
Pay Rate $24.00/Hour
Job Description The Procurement Specialist ensures items or services are purchased from specified suppliers and are delivered upon agreed terms and conditions seeking maximum value for the company including agreed time and cost.

• Direct Report: Procurement Leader or Procurement Manager.
• Functional Report: in EMS can report functionally to the Product Line Planning Manager.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
• Interfaces with Product Line Planning Manager in order to plan and prioritize purchasing activities to support the Product Line (for EMS only)
• Act as the focal contact person for all supply chain & finance initiatives at the district/location. (FIELD only)
• Ensure POs are created prior to commitment and GR is performed within 3 days of goods receipt or service delivery. (FIELD only)
• Interface with the local AP personnel to ensure that the entire procurement to pay (P2P) process is implemented fully and seamlessly at the local level. (FIELD only)
• Ensures that the correct buy to pay channel (matrix) is consistently applied with regard to the use of P-Cards and POs. (FIELD only)
• Reviews planned orders, creates requisitions for purchased items and manages the approval process
• Transmits and prioritizes approved purchase orders, with appropriate supporting documents, to Supplier Tracks acknowledgement of order by Supplier
• Prepares and communicates shortage and backlog reports, and provides visibility of other potential interruptions to internal customers.
• Enquires and tracks with designated Supplier and confirmation of System Lead Time, Delivery Date and Cost - Reviews, updates and maintains Open Purchase Orders until closed.
• Reports Supplier non-conformances - Follows up System Action Messages in a timely manner - Prepares return documentation to Supplier
• Ensure Adherence to approved Supplier agreements/contracts
• Leads finance and Logistics staff in resolving reception and invoice discrepancies
• Prepares Non-BOM Purchase Orders within System as directed by the Procurement Manager or Procurement Leader
• Identifies opportunities and implements actions to continually reduce wasted time, money and resources form assigned tasks
• Complies with all client’s and local procedures applicable to the job function
• Employees may be assigned other duties, in addition to, or in lieu of those described above, according to the needs of the location or Company
• Work with all relevant parties in the consolidation, reduction and rationalization of the local supplier base.

Specific deliverables of the position:
• Accurate and timely preparation of Purchase Orders.
• Tracking and update of Open Purchase Orders from approval through to closure.
• Immediate reporting of non-conformances with follow up until resolved.

Key Performance metrics that relate to the job:
• Product Line on time delivery - Purchase Order accuracy - Non-acknowledged Purchase Order line reporting - Past Due Purchase Order reporting -Shipping cost.

Previous Experience and Competencies:
• Bachelor in Supply Chain, Engineering, Manufacturing.

Competencies to be kept current:
• Interpersonal skills including; -High collaboration with others-Managing Change-Negotiating-Presentation
• Must have good Leadership and management skills
• Must be Analytical and structured.

Educational Requirements:
• Bachelor in Supply Chain, Engineering, Manufacturing.
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