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Emergency Preparedness Trainer

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954-985-6650 - Ext 224

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Hartsville, SC USA

Pay Rate

Job Description

We would like to fill this position with an Admin type versus EP Trainer. The job responsibilities don’t require a technical knowledge but would be more along the lines of:

- Individual will need to work with minimal oversight
- Knowledge of Excel and Word required
- Ability to aggressively coordinate and schedule personnel to complete computer based testing and hard-copy tests
- Will need to be proctor qualified in the System to administer and grade tests for Emergency Response Organization (ERO) trainees
- Duties will consist of calling trainees and management to maintain training schedule
- Report to Sr. Management the progress of each trainee
- Duties will include providing tours of the Emergency Response Facilities (no previous knowledge required)
- Other administrative duties related to the ERO Training Program

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