Requirement Detail
Job Title CRM Support Specialist
Job Code 125452
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 209
Date Posted 02/27/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Aurora, CO USA
Pay Rate $18.00/Hour
Job Description • Manage and support most aspects of the sales process.
• A CRM Support team is in place to assist approximately 2500 end users with issues ranging from access levels to complex ‘how to’ questions.
• There are various types of groups using the CRM tool, but the prominent user group supported by the CRM Support Team includes Commercial Sales Representatives.
• Our team provides administrative support such as setting data visibility and application access as well as providing ‘how to’ instructions to our end users.
• We operate similar to other call centers with hours between 6:00 AM MST and 8:00 PM MST.
• CRM Support Team members are responsible for answering phone calls in a queue environment, addressing emails, and handling other projects as necessary.

Common Tasks:
- Maintain Availability in phone queue, answering questions ranging from how to find data in the
CRM to more complex questions regarding job pricing.
- Monitor the Email queue to provide timely responses to questions/issues provided via email.
- Document calls through a ticketing system to track issues received via phone queue.
- Document complex procedures for distribution to the field as desk aides.
- Assist sales personnel with complex jobs.
- Provide access rights to CRM including data setup for new users.

Necessary Skills - Soft
• Analytical –
- The team answers a variety of questions throughout any given day.
- A candidate needs to have the ability to analyze and solve problems with a high degree of accuracy.
- The position is not a data entry type role, so a candidate must be able to assess issues quickly and provide solutions.

• Reliable –
- The team operates in a call center environment so reliability is required.
- A candidate must be able to arrive on time and work the designated hours.

• Self Motivated –
- A potential candidate should show a desire to learn and progress without constant attention.
• Personable –
- The team supports users who range from computer savvy to computer challenged.
- A potential candidate should be able to communicate to both groups in a patient and friendly way to address the question/problem posed by the end user.

Necessary Skills – Technical
- Microsoft Office – A potential candidate should be a strong user with the following tools;
- Microsoft Excel – A candidate should be familiar with simple formulas such as “SUM()”, “COUNT()”, and “VLOOKUP()”. The candidate should be familiar with using Excel spreadsheets to analyze lists of data.
- Microsoft Word – A candidate should be able to use Microsoft Word to draft “How to” documents for the end users, and should have strong writing skills.
- Microsoft Outlook – A candidate should be able to use Microsoft Outlook to manage and send emails.
- CRM Experience – A candidate should have some knowledge or experience with a CRM Tool such as Siebel or
- Call Center Experience- The largest component of the job would include taking phone calls in a queue environment and documenting the received calls.
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