Requirement Detail
Job Code 125470
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 219
Date Posted 02/28/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Horsham, PA USA
Pay Rate
Job Description Basic Qualifications:

10+ years experiences in Software Development/System Engineering

Scope of Responsibility/Expectation:

• Responsible to provide consultation to Client's customers in order to determine requirements to integrate client's software products into the customer's operating environment.
• Requires frequent travel to customer locations to gain a complete understanding of the customer's business goals.
• The Solution Engineer will then develop the high level requirements and design for the particular customer implementation.
• Expert level in industry, such that they you can build a trusted advisor relationship with the customer.
• In addition, you are expected to be knowledgeable in Software Engineering in order to be able to translate the customer's business needs to Software requirements that the engineering team/Services teams can use to develop/customize the Client's software solutions for a particular customer.
• As many years as possible; the more, the better; we need someone who can hit the ground running.

Specific Knowledge/Skills:

• Strong communication skills are a must, both written and verbal.
• Must be able to communicate effectively to both the customer and the internal team.
• This includes the ability to be a good listener - especially with a customer for whom English is a second language.
• Multi-language capability is a plus, particularly French and Spanish
• Expert level in IP Video and Video operations of major service providers.
• Knowledge of Video Standards
• Strong Analytical/Problem Solving Abilities
• Deep technical knowledge of J2EE applications and Web Server Technologies including XML, HTML, HTTP/S, Web Services/SOAP Protocol.
• Knowledge of large-scale enterprise systems (OSS/BSS, content management, customer records management, billing, etc.)" integration technologies, e.g., web services, REST, etc.
• Systems engineering / architecture experience with large-scale, multi-vendor, enterprise systems (OSS/BSS, content management, customer records management, billing, etc.)" implementations
• Experience with data management and data mapping.
• Experience with SOA, Web Services, and XML
• Familiarity with Web based UI architecture.
• Programming not required, but must understand general architectural concepts (HTTP, HTTPS, Web based authentication, e-commerce, etc.).
• Familiarity with UML and modeling tools.
• Technical Skills (Highly desired)
• Knowledge of the telecommunications industry.
• At least conceptual knowledge of IPTV and how it is being used by the telecoms to get into the TV business.
• Familiarity with digital video technologies (digital rights management and encryption, encoding schemes, transport layers, closed-captioning, etc.)
• Specific knowledge of EPG and Channel List implementation in an IPTV environment.
Specific experience as an SE/architect with a major US or international telecom, e.g., AT&T, Verizon, BT, etc.
• Familiarity with J2EE based systems, particularly IBM Web Sphere.
• Familiarity with UNIX in multi-sever, high-availability environments.
• IBM Websphere knowledge is a plus
• Interpersonal Skills
• Strong presentation skills are a plus; the ability to present clearly and effectively - both in person and via conference call - to both the customer and the internal team.
• Strong organizational skills are a plus; the ability to organize and manage several simultaneous projects/tasks for oneself as well as others.
• Effective management skills; the ability to manage not only one's own work but also the work of a small group of co-workers.
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