Requirement Detail
Job Title Project Engineer
Job Code 125484
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 230
Date Posted 02/28/2013
Number Of Positions Available 5
Location Shreveport, LA USA
Pay Rate $38.89/Hour
Job Description
General Scope:
• Resource to provide ongoing, “hands-on” support in the manufacturing facility of the scoping, planning, coordination and execution of various tasks/ projects that have been identified to improve Operating Equipment Effectiveness.
• Projects/tasks may extend for an average period of 6 months but some may also be of shorter or longer duration.
• There will be some flexibility in matching resources to available tasks based on complexity and duration.
• While resource will be expected to work independently in completion of tasks / projects they will have support from various resources in/out of the plant.

General Skills:
• Resource must be technically oriented – Engineering Degree in a related discipline preferred (eg. mechanical, electrical, industrial, chemical, civil, etc.).
• May consider others with strong technical experience and demonstrated ability to excel in coordinating and completing tasks / projects.
• Resource may not be required to be a subject matter expert on tasks / projects but will be required to leverage the expertise of others to drive actions to completion.

Other requirements:
• Experience in a manufacturing setting – Operations, Maintenance, Plant or Project Engineering, etc. Will be required to spend a large amount of time on the “factory floor”.
• Knowledge and adherence to the highest level of safety principles personally as well as the ability to integrate these into all tasks and work product.
• Excellent communication skills both written and verbal – will be required to coordinate and gather input from multiple plant and external resources (contractors, capital group, plant groups, operators, maintenance mechanics, managers, etc.).
• Will be required to develop procedures and other documentation / communication necessary to record and sustain process improvements.
• Must be well organized and able to manage projects / tasks effectively, make adjustments as needed and meet required timelines.
• Must be self-motivated and able to work independently with limited direction once clear objectives and expectations are set.
• Will be required to coordinate various activities performed by contractors, plant personnel, etc.
• necessary to complete projects / tasks effectively and on-time.

• Engineers will act as Project Leads to coordinate the project they are assigned.
• Will work a variety of projects - able to work on factory floor.
• Must be organized and motivated.

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