Requirement Detail
Job Title Marketing Analyst
Job Code 125488
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 224
Date Posted 02/28/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Louisville, KY USA
Pay Rate
Job Description a. Assist the digital as we develop and implement an online personalization strategy
b. Work with legal and compliance to understand regulations around personalization and using member data to customize messaging
c. Learn about the various parts of the organization and how we may want to personalize the online experience by marketing segment
d. Help develop marketing segments and business rules for personalization
e. Work with our testing vendor to implement early tests on personalization and customized marketing messages
f. Support any other ad-hoc work needed

What are the necessities (must haves) for this request? (Key skills and knowledge)

• Needs to understand the online environment and how it works (must have an email address and use the internet);
• doesn’t have to have experience in digital but needs to understand it;
• good communication skills; analytical thinking; ability to learn quickly;
• knowledge of basic Microsoft programs;
• 1-3 years of experience;
• helpful if they have experience in marketing even in non-digital area like direct marketing
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