Requirement Detail
Job Title Lab Technician - Junior
Job Code 125516
Date Posted 03/04/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Pay Rate $16.50/Hour
Job Description
Laboratory Technician

• Complies with all Company & Regulatory HS&E & Quality and IT standards and policies. Wears all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required & maintains required HS&E & SQ certifications up-to-date.
• Develops the necessary competency to operate assigned equipment safely and independently.
• Ensures equipment is clean and in proper working condition and proper disposal of Lab waste.
• Learns the basic rig components and different roles of Service Companies with relation to Operating Company.
• Understands the interaction with client.
• Completes all the required learning objects and courses as defined in the current SCDP.
• Assists the Laboratory Technician and Fluid Technical Engineer with the documentation and reporting of laboratory data.
• Develops a functional understanding of knowledge management tools through the use of InTouch, LabDB and the Client Support Lab.
• Develops basic skills in additive selection and design of fluids systems used in assigned subsegment.
• Participates in the District HS&E & Quality initiatives and programs (eg. SOIM's, Risk Assessments, Quality Improvements, Emergency Response Plan, HSE and SQ Objectives, LPT and SQC).
• Performs Risk Analysis and identifies & addresses potential safety hazards. Corrects and report hazards immediately in QUEST or to Supervisor.
• All other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

What would be the ideal candidate for your position (skills, traits, background, certifications, etc):

• 4 year degree with 3.0 or higher or military background

Educational Requirements:

• High School or equivalent diploma
• Diploma / Degree in Chemistry
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