Requirement Detail
Job Title Marketing Specialist
Job Code 125532
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 222
Date Posted 03/04/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location Louisville, KY USA
Pay Rate
Job Description a. Effectively use Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings (this may require contacting required attendees to negotiate available times or tracking down appropriate/needed attendees)

b. Facilitate the internal review process by:
i. Gathering documents to be reviewed
ii. Highlighting where changes in previously approved content has occurred, if relevant
iii. Sending content to a set list of approvers for feedback
iv. Receiving and compiling all feedback (this may require facilitating discussion with various parties if feedback is not aligned)

c. Assist with Vendor On-Boarding Process.
i. Work with procurement on legal documents and contracts.
ii. Ensure Non-Disclosure Agreements are completed before capabilities discussions begin
d. Support any other ad-hoc work needed

What are the necessities (must haves) for this request? (Key skills and knowledge)

• Prefer digital marketing experience or marketing experience;
• Works well with people;
• Learns quickly;
• Knowledge of Microsoft Products;
• 1-3 years of experience;
• Corporate experience preferred

• Aids manager, director or executive by coordinating office services, such as personnel, budget preparation and control, housekeeping, records control, and special management studies.
• Performs a wide range of secretarial and administrative duties including typing memos, letters, reports, maintaining calendars, coordinating travel arrangements, faxing and filing, working with Microsoft applications, answering phones, special projects;
• Administrative Assistant I plus:
• Additional experience of 3-6 years.
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