Requirement Detail
Job Title Nuclear - Electrical Planner
Job Code 125541
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 219
Date Posted 03/05/2013
Number Of Positions Available 1
Location York, SC USA
Pay Rate $51.18/Hour
Job Description • Provide planning function and work order package development for nuclear plant Electrical and I&C modifications.
• In addition to the planner function, the individual is required to provide proactive input into the final engineering designs to assure that modification implementation problems are addressed in the developmental stages of the project.
• Using available engineering information, provide scoping in the development of preliminary designs.
• Work Safely according to Safety Principles, Procedures, and Standard Practices.
• Demonstrate “good housekeeping” and material conditions in an office environment.
• Provide input into the initial modification scope document.
• Assure that implementation issues are accounted for in the final design.
• Provide cost estimates for craft labor and materials.
• Originate and plan work orders, (detailed planning).
• Provide input to implementation schedules.
• Assure that planning milestone dates are met.
• Order materials by generating material requisitions.
• When assigned as lead planner for a particular modification, coordinate the activities of other planners assigned portions of the planning work.
• Develop implementation procedures when required.
• Participate in 25%, 50% and 100% design walk downs to identify interferences and other issues requiring attention and resolution.
• Perform peer reviews of other planner’s work orders.
• peer reviews of other planner’s implementation procedures.
• Generate QC configuration check and system leak check work order packages.
• Act as single point of contact for material related issues.
• Lead the modification pre-implementation meetings along w/the assigned project manager.
• Interface with mod schedulers.
• Provide mod implementation support and timely problem resolutions.
• Review all mod paperwork associated with closeout of work order packages.
• Provide duty coverage as required in support of modification implementation.
• Utilize tools & equipment according to Nuclear Safe Work Practices Manual.


• 8 or more years experience as an electrical/ I&C planner.
• Previous nuclear plant planning experience.
• Exp w/ Advantage Nuclear Portal J planning software program.
• electrical & instrumentation drawings & documents.
• Previous electrical /I&C design experience helpful but not required.
• learn new processes & procedures quickly w/ little one on one instruction once the initial training/site orientation period has concluded.
• Exp. in computer mainframe programs/systems which are required to perform the planner function.
• Must be a team player.
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