Requirement Detail
Job Title Junior Maintenance Technician
Job Code 125553
Date Posted 03/06/2013
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location El Reno, OK USA
Pay Rate $18.50/Hour
Job Description Maintenance Technician

People & Training:

• Ensures his/her training is on schedule and accurately recorded.
• Learns, through organized seminars and personal study, the operational and technical characteristics of the Segment's mechanical equipment, and keeps current with new Segment mechanical equipment and maintenance methods.
• Promotes the importance of Service Quality within the maintenance community.
• Understands and complies with Client’s rules and regulations.
• Maintains close communication with supervisors and Field Engineers.

Process & Equipment:

• Ensures all assigned equipment is continually maintained at the highest standards, resulting in proper functionality and minimum failures.
• Performs Quality checks strictly, as per procedure, and according to the defined schedule.
• Modifies equipment in a timely manner and only in line with official modification releases.
• Proficient in the use of InTouch & Quest.
• Records all maintenance and failure events immediately and accurately.
• Drives their workflow and ensures data entry is accurate and timely.
• Understands and helps drive the World Wide Service Quality Plan within the location.
• Actively uses InTouch Support both for technical solutions and for knowledge sharing.
• Reports honestly and accurately at all times.

Quality & HSE:

• Promotes a culture of safety awareness within the maintenance community.
• Ensures his/her work areas are safe, clean and orderly at all times.
• Keeps Maintenance Manuals and other confidential documents secure and in good order.
• Follows the company policies and procedures on health, safety and environment.
• Supports Management efforts to minimize general Quality and HSE risks and promotes respect, understanding and adherence to safety regulations.
• Uses QUEST to report RIR and for follow up on action items.
• Continuously strives to optimize the safety and efficiency of maintenance procedures.
• Maintains strict confidentiality of client information.
• Understands and actively applies the Prevention Plan.
• Takes an active part in the Location.

• Apart from the required educational background of 3 years of technical degree or 2 years of apprentice school.
• The Trainee Mechanic must have a basic understanding of electronics and computer literacy.
• This position requires non-technical skills, in particular the ability to communicate clearly with superiors and engineers.
• Candidates should be able to communicate in both written and spoken English.

Educational Requirements:
• High School or equivalent diploma
• 3 years of technical degree or 2 years of apprentice school

• Maintenance Technician trainee
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