Requirement Detail
Job Title Renewable Energy Dispatch Operator
Job Code 125555
Date Posted 03/06/2013
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location Charlotte, NC USA
Pay Rate
Job Description
• Job duties include maintaining daily logs of system events, providing immediate verbal notifications of unusual activities to the appropriate personnel & preparing daily reports as needed.
• Under direct supervision, schedules & coordinates the load levels of power plant generation in order to maintain system integrity as instructed.
• Perform admin duties as well as being responsible for EH&S and other relevant compliances.

• Candidate must:
• Maintain detailed knowledge of generating units operating characteristics at all times.
• Utilize excel & Plant Information system (PI) to perform real time analysis evaluations to help maximize unit profitability and performance.
• Perform real-time hourly site output updates to power off takers to assist them in their system and market demands.
• Operate systems proactively; anticipate situations.
• In the event of loss of telemetering, computed data, network communications, EMS, etc, must coordinate or troubleshoot all events to insure performance of duties.
• Coordinate activity in the event of an emergency.
• Read logs, standing orders, procedures or other info, in order to remain current & informed of normal and abnormal situations.
• Maintain accurate records using VERSIFY logging concerning unit commitment & dispatch activities and generating unit operation.
• Candidate must be available to work a 5 person/5 week rotating shift (including nights).
• Candidate must be available to work overtime on an as needed basis.

Basic Qualifications:-

• Must have a HS diploma or equiv.
• Previous operation and/or maintenance experience.
• Other relevant qualifications or experience may be considered.
• Working knowledge of computers and Microsoft applications.

Desired Qualifications:-

• Dispatching experience is strongly preferred & will be given preference over other power industry experience.
• Proficiency with software applications such as SCADA and plant management software.
• Knowledge of renewable energy technologies.
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