Requirement Detail
Job Title Manufacturing Technician
Job Code 128866
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 305
Date Posted 10/07/2013
Number Of Positions Available 2
Location Tonawanda, NY USA
Pay Rate $14.00/Hour
Job Description Manufacturing Technician:
• Coat various metal tubing materials between 12 and 50 feet in length with metal powders using proprietary process.
• Ability to work in very high temperatures around furnaces in a medium scale production facility.
• Use of 10 ton overhead cranes and motorized industrial vehicles to move the tubing to the work area, and to load the tubes into the coating machine.
• Ability to use computer controlled equipment for frequent observation of quality.
• Manage conveyor systems during the high temperature furnacing operation.
• Use of roller straightener for the metal tubing.
• Operate and adjust a large industrial saw and mechanical deburring equipment.
• Perform various quality inspections depending on the product being produced.
• Adhere to all Safety rules.

Attention to detail.

• Must be able to follow pre-established procedures and supervisor instructions for all aspects of the job.
• Good basic computer and Math skills are required to enter data into a production tracking system and get communications through standard e-mail.

Basic Qualifications:

• High school diploma or GED.
• 1 year of experience in a medium scale production line manufacturing environment.
• 1 year experience using Scales, micrometers ring gauges, plug gauges and calipers.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Experienced in Six Sigma and Lean Principles
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
• Good mechanical and problem solving skills.

Special Considerations:

• Lifting is generally at or below 30Lbs. without significant repetitions.
• Moderate exposure to machinery, chemical, biological, and physical risks is anticipated
• . Operation of a Powered industrial truck is considered at least Industrial and may be considered Heavy as determined by other exposures.

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