Requirement Detail
Job Title Storm Support Crew Member
Job Code 132383
Contact Phone # 954-985-6650 - Ext 318
Date Posted 05/21/2014
Number Of Positions Available 30
Location Port St. Lucie, FL USA
Pay Rate $19.00/Hour
Job Description Storm Support Crew Member


1. Follow direction from supervision on site
2. Follow all safety guidelines
3. Set up and tear down of staging site (Setting up tables and chairs at the site)
4. Empty trash cans into the dumpster during the day;
5. Site clean-up throughout the day;
6. Light maintenance at the site;
7. Moving tables, chairs, light equipment and cones.
8. Carry equipment and other supplies as needed to and from storage and work areas;
9. Assist with distribution of ice, water and food
10. Transport supplies as directed;
11. Directing traffic within staging site
12. Data entry using Excel spreadsheets and/or proprietary PREPS
13. Logistical/travel and resource support, supply stocking.
14. Responsible for various other duties depending on type of site location.

Additional Skills

• Good Customer Service skills
• Basic Computer Skills
• Ability to lift 40-50 lbs
• Ability to maintain orderliness and cleanliness of an assigned area
• Must have flexibility in scheduling, accommodations and job duties.

While on site:
• Must have Personal Protective Equipment on at all times‘
• Protective footwear (ANSI Z41-1991 or ASTM F2413-05 rating) – steel toe or composite, must have box toe.
• Proper attire (no shorts or tank tops).
• Personal Protective Equipment (provided by client): Hard hat, safety gloves, safety glasses, safety vest, 2 way radio, flashlight, ID card.

Job requirements:

• Must be willing to work in inclement weather
• Typical work shift is 16 hour, short duration.
• Must be willing to Travel

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