1. Enterprise level application (Web, Desktop, Mobile) development using Service oriented architecture
  2. Enterprise level integration services using Messaging (Rabbit MQ, Active MQ, MSMQ etc)
  3. Mobile, Vehicle tracking and Fleet management implementation using GPS and Maps (Done for CSX, UPSetc.)
  4. Map based application development such as Polygon drawing, Zone violation
  5. Web based enterprise level scheduling application (Johnson & Johnson)
  6. Dynamic forms (Inspection forms, survey) and Scheduling (Johnson & Johnson)
  7. Application Development with GPS integrated (CSX)
  8. Mobile application development for disconnected architecture. Multiple target platforms (Windows Phone, Android, IPhone, and Windows Mobile) can be supported using service oriented architecture. Just UI need to be changed (UPS)
  9. Responsive and Scalable web application for Desktop, Mobile and IPAD using HTML 5, CSS 3 (many clients)
  10. Label Printing applications (Johnson & Johnson)
  11. Barcode scanning integration with any smart device application with camera
  12. Mono based application development in Linux and Apple
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