Requirement Detail

Job Title Tool Worker
Job Code 193109
Contact Phone # ___-___-____ - Ext
Date Posted 04/08/2021
Number Of Positions Available 1
Client Id 20266
Location West Chester, OH USA
Pay Rate $0.00/Hour
Job Description

The Order Readiness position is responsible for ensuring the efficient productivity of manufacturing by preparing, delivering, and removing all needed tooling materials to machines throughout the plant.

• Verify tooling to cad drawings for correct emboss and adding matrix, if needed. Verify that tooling is ready to run.
• Make ink and coordinate correct ink at machines and ensure that PH/Velocity is within standards. Return ink to ink room.
• Monitor machine line up in the system and deliver Job Jacket plus tooling (cutting die, printing plate, and ink) to converting machines.
• Make sure that correct Mylar’s are at machine when needed.
• Deliver correct cutting die to machines and ensure that print plate is ready to run.
• Assist if repairs are needed on cutting dies or printing plates (manually re-knifing, re-rubber, etc.). Write up repair form for tooling needed repairing.
• Remove die cut and print plate from machine center and inspect before replacing in storage. Return all other items used to their designated area.
• Wash printing plates before returning to storage.
• Check new tooling for accuracy and nonconformance.
• Give locations for new tooling and enter into the computer systems.
• Maintain inventory and stock supplies.
• Assist vendors delivering new tools.
• Assist in monthly purge of obsolete tooling.
• Set up all future orders to ensure maximum productivity at machines.
• Assist operator and apprentice with keeping the machine running.
• Responsible for the overall Safety and cleanliness of equipment and area.
• Work in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with company policies and procedures.
• Overtime is required