Requirement Detail

Job Title Machine Operator
Job Code 193113
Date Posted 04/08/2021
Number Of Positions Available 3
Client Id 20280
Location Owego, NY USA
Pay Rate $15.00/Hour
Job Description
Job Description:
Please only submit candidates that will accept the position at any pay rate within the pay rate range.
* HM will extend offer based on each candidate’s experience and will not be negotiated.

On the job training will more than likely occur on first shift.
* Once training is complete contractors will transition to either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Shift.
* You will need to indicate on your candidate’s resume which shifts they are willing to work.
* Below are the shift hours. Manager did confirm that he does have flexibility with these hours.

Operates light-duty bench- or floor-type machine tools and equipment such as small lathes, power mills, extruding machines, drills or punch presses, power brakes, shears or saws.
*May set up machining machines and make adjustments, and perform maintenance on machines.
Checks work using prescribed gauges, jigs and fixtures to measure close tolerances.
Some machines may be numerically controlled.
May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
Job Description:
Sets up and fabricates printed circuits and circuit boards.
Performs all operations as directed from engineering drawings, diagrams, and general instructions to cut, shear, etch, plate, expose, drill, and clean complex circuit boards to close tolerances.
Applies enamels, laminates, chemical solutions, and acids as necessary.
May perform cutouts and touchups on circuit board materials such as copper-faced plastic, fiberglass, or epoxy board.
May install brackets, eyelets, and terminals.
May monitor and verify quality in accordance with statistical process or other control procedures.
Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is paramount, to mission success.
Successful candidate will be actively involved in a dynamic and motivated team environment.
* Expected to uphold and support any and all strategic goals and initiatives as set forth by leadership on the manufacturing floor.
Basic Qualifications:
• Experience fabricating PWB’s
• Efficient utilizing SAP software
• Experience utilizing Microsoft Excel & Word
• Self-motivated team player
• Understanding of lean manufacturing concepts
• Ability to effectively work cross organizationally with supporting work groups (engineering, solution maintenance, production maintenance)
• Maintain professional flexibility in process certifications
Desired Qualifications:
• Experience routing, profiling, and drilling PWB's
• Experience with AOI (automated optical inspection) scanning PWB's
BS Degree in NOT Required.